About the Author

About the Author

Hello, my name is Zena and I am a lover of Jesus Christ. Not because I was brought up in a Godly home, grew up in the church or have always walked with a bible in my hand. Yet, I love Him because He first loved me. This love is renewed and strengthened to me each and everyday and I simply wish to share my ‘love-experiences’ with Christ with everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. With the desire to bring hope, peace, joy and strength to all who read the writings given to me by the Most High. Yet, most importantly I desire to bring joy to My Father in heaven for being obedient to His calling on my life, to preach the gospel unashamed and bring glory and fame to His name, the name above all names. God Bless.

  1. Blessings for you and your attempts in drawing closer to the Lord and for others to draw upon Him… in that people will come to realize the dependency we have in our lives to reach out and to know our Savior 🙂 Fight the good fight Z !

  2. Thank you Kevin! I will continue to fight the fight for Christ and tell the world of His love and Mercy!

  3. Zena,
    What a lovely way to introduce yourself and your heart of Our Saviour Jesus the Christ! Amen, my sister in Christ, amen!

    Rjpmda aka nanarhonda @ MY SOAP BOX
    Founder/Webserviang @ LIKE RECIOUS FAITH Ministries

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